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Her sound design work was featured in the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival as part of the performance of Butterfly.  Later, in 2019 she released her EP Spring in connection with a show she preformed at Aberdeen's The Lemontree. 

Jen was named as a finalist in Morley College London’s Sampling Holst competition in 2018 with her work being featured on the collaboration album. 

As part of her mission to enhance the representation of women in music, Jen is a frequent contributor for 


Currently Jen is working on an upcoming EP.  

Jen Athan is a songwriter, composer, producer and multi- instrumentalist from Aberdeen.  


She found her passion for music after learning to play the violin, piano, guitar and drums throughout her youth. Whilst studying music at North East Scotland College, she found herself becoming more involved in music production and sound design and decided to pursue a career in writing and producing music. 

In 2018, Jen released her solo piano EP Vinter Allée with one of the pieces ‘For Sebastien’ featuring in the sold-out performance of Kid Astronaut –  a early years theatre show which she also co-wrote.

She has worked with Scottish Youth Theatre, Tron Theatre Young Company, Ipdip theatre, Glasgow Life and BBC The Social. 


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